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If it is anything concerning technology, talk to us. We pick up from tender stages of business, nurture it with the best tools we have, and monitor the progress of sales. Working with us means securing the guarantee of being successful. 

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We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

A goal can win you a match, but a system keeps you in the game. Our main objective is to create fully functional systems, which will ensure a swift flow of your business.

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Web Development 

Without a website, your business will only appear locally. A website makes your business look professional withing its premises and accross the nation. Below are some types of websites

Personal Websites

Such websites show your portfolio and levels of achievement. In other words, you want to keep track of your qualification and achievements. 

Services delivery websites

These are websites that offer services like laundy, coaching, car renting, dating sites, insurance agencies, counselling, freelancers among other professions. 

Membership websites

Such websites require membership subscriptions and micropayments. For example, if you are running a gym business, you want to keep track of the members, bill them monthly, send them updates and news, among other activities. Membership websites can be the best for your business.

Workflow Sytems 

Workflow systesm gets the work done remotely by monitoring activities, employees, milestones, payments, and file management. 

School Management Systems

The system runs an institution from admission, examinations, teachers, staff, and budget. once the system is installed, the school secures its means of operation, since data is tracked from one point to another, and all the records configured efficiently. The system can come with an elearning platform upon request.

Finance systems

These systems management the workflow of your finances. Whether you have a microfinance, peer to peer lending, SACCO, or any business that runs money in and out, we have a system ready for you. 

E-commerce websites

Do you have a store, or you have products, or may be, you want to be a middle man? We, can code an e-commerce store for you from scratch. The store will send promotions, discounts, flash sells, and update customers of new products. Yes, I am talking about Jumia.

Graphics design

Graphics design is a wide area. Whether you want a poster, flyer, logo, bronchure, organizational structure, business design, etc- then you are talking about graphics design. Once you have the right time in this area, your business will remain relevant and convert more customers into sales 

Business logo

A logo is like a graphical representation of your business. It uniquely identifies your business and differentiate it from others. A good logo can appeal to your customers, and influence their buying decisions. 

Business Cards

In a very short language, business cards represents the activities in your company, and contact persons in case a customer wants a consultation. If your company does not have it, we might as well stop everything and work on it.

Posters and flyers

These are day-to-day tools that put your business on the radar. Whether you have launched a new product, want to showcase all the products, or you want to push some message to your customers, these tools are essential as they are necessary